We added prefixes to Splynx to identify calls when the CDR is imported.

To add prefix(-es) manually, navigate to Voice → Prefixes and click on Add button located at the top right of the table:

Add prefixes

Create prefixes

The following parameters need to be specified:

  • Prefix - Add the prefix using the pattern below:

Special symbols supported:

Symbol Description
{!} Zero or more any characters.


Phone pattern Description
260{!} Any phone number started from 260

Important IMPORTANT: The previous complex patters, like {x} (one digit from 0 to 9), {.} (one or more any characters), {n} (one digit from 2 to 9) etc. are no longer supported in Splynx.

In case complex patters have already been used, it is necessary to change them.

  • Destination - Field to identify which type of destination this prefix will use, for example: international, fixed, mobile, etc;

  • Rate Type - Select between Call, SMS or Data;

  • Category ID - Select the category. The categories must be added earlier in Voice → Categories.

We can also import all the prefixes from a csv file:

Simply click on Import button located at the top right corner of the table:

Add prefixes

Then upload the file and specify the necessary parameters:

Import tool

  • File - click to upload the file from your computer;

  • Delimiter - select a delimiter, default (recommended) = Auto detect;

  • Handler - select between Base or other External handlers

  • Column names in first row - enable this option if the first row contains your column names;

  • Rate Type - select between Call, SMS or Data;

  • Clear existing items - enable this toggle to overwrite all the existing prefixes.

Also, it is possible to Load default prefixes for a predefined country: