Invoices cache


This section displays the number of cached invoices in the system and an option to clear it.

Splynx can cache invoices for faster generation of invoice PDF documents. Sometimes you need to make some changes in the invoice PDF template and thereafter we recommend clearing the invoice cache using this tool.

Invoice cache can be enabled under Config → Finance → Settings:


And invoices cache can be cleared in Config → Tools → Invoices cache.

Enter invoice number or its id - to clear from cache all versions of specific invoice or leave the field empty - to clear the full cache and after that press Clear cache button:


image This tool might be helpful when changes were made in invoice PDF templates but it's not visible on generated PDFs, the reason can be in the invoice cache.

If you are changing your PDF invoice template frequently, don't forget to clear cache here.


In Splynx, the Invoice cache option is enabled and the default invoice template Invoice A4 Classic is used. The default template was changed and you want to apply these changes only to one invoice. To perform this action enter the invoice number e.g. 202101000845 in the field under Config → Tools → Invoices cache and press Clear cache. After that try to view the invoice as PDF to double check the result.