Email sending configuration

To configure email sending navigate to Config → Main → Email.

Separate email accounts can be configured for each partner for sending emails.

Email address

  • Sender's name - name of the sender;
  • Sender's email - email address of the sender. This email address will be used if the option Use system SMTP in SMTP settings of My Profile is enabled;
  • Admin email - email address of the administrator;
  • Enable email sending - enables/disables email sending (SMTP);
  • Send to - if enabled, emails will ONLY be sent to this address;
  • Copy email - if enabled, a copy of all emails will be sent to this address (-s). You can use multiple addresses separated by comma;
  • Days until expiration - specify the number of days for sent emails to expire. The server will try to send emails for this amount of days, then it will mark these emails status as "Error" and it will be skipped.

Email logs can be found under Administration - Logs - Email or under Support - Messages - History


  • Transport type - select the method of sending. Available options are SMTP or Sendmail.

SMTP config

  • Host - specify the SMTP server name;
  • Port - specify the SMTP port;
  • Verify SSL certificate - if enabled, the system will verify the SSL certificate of the SMTP host;
  • Encrypted - select the SMTP encryption method;
  • Use authentication - enables/disables SMTP authentication;
  • Username - your email address for sending mails;
  • Password - your password to the email account;
  • Header key - custom header key (can be used when additional authentication needed);
  • Header value - custom header value (can be used when additional authentication needed);
  • Additional header(s) - additional header (can be used when additional authentication needed).

Sendmail configuration

  • Path - specify the path to Sendmail, e.g. /usr/sbin/sendmail;
  • Parameters - specify the parameters for Sendmail, e.g. -bs.

Pleas follow this link for a Sendmail configuration example:

When sending emails has been configured, we can double check if it works. Specify your email address to receive the test email and click on the Run test button, an email should be received within a few minutes if there are no errors and successful response was received after running test.


  • Email - email for receiving test message.

We strongly advise to use an Email Delivery Service such as

Google mail Example

To use your Google mail account for email sending, please fill in the following fields:

Parameter Value
Sender's email your email (
Transport type SMTP
Port 465
Verify SSL certificate enabled
Encrypted SSL
Use authentication enabled
Username your username. Full email (
Password your password. Google account password

Please note, the following changes need to be made in your Google account to use your Google email to send emails via the Splynx server:

  1. You should allow less secure apps to use your Google account;
  2. Google limits number of letters per day ;
  3. Sometimes Google does not allow sending letters due to security reasons. In this case you should login into your account via browser and confirm that it was you (trying to send email recently).