Prepaid vouchers

Within the core of Splynx, we posses many powerful tools but one that stands out from the rest is our unique, self designed and unchallenged Radius server. With this we are able to provide many useful services, to mention one, we give you, Hotspot authentication. This has been successfully implemented in places like hotels and conference halls, etc.

With the use of our radius server, Splynx can provide access to frequent/regular users as well as provide one time access by the means of prepaid voucher generation.

Take a look at the following example of generating a prepaid voucher:

Simply navigate to CustomersVouchers and then Generate. This will bring up a window for you to complete the parameters for the new voucher(s) you wish to generate.

Generate Generate

Generating vouchers consists of three sections for configuring, Main Information, Limits and Expiration. Each section specifies contributing factors of the vouchers function.

Main Information

Quantity - the number of vouchers you wish to generate
Prefix - prefix of characters to use when generating multiple vouchers
Price - the price of the voucher
Pool - the ip pool of which the voucher will obtain an ip address
Partner - the partner of which the voucher belongs to
Location - the location of which the voucher belongs to


Speed (upload) - maximum upload speed allowed for the voucher
Speed (download) - maximum download speed allowed for the voucher
Download - maximum amount of data allowed for downloading in Mb
Upload - maximum amount of data allowed for uploading in Mb
Traffic - the total amount of data traffic up/down allowed in Mb
Online time (total) - the total amount of access time allowed in either minutes/hours/days.


Expiration by - method of declaring voucher as expired
Valid till - date the voucher will expire

Once vouchers are generated, you can edit each voucher individually to add the contact details of customers using the voucher cards and a remark for reference.

Voucher details Voucher details

Information After the vouchers are generated, you do not need to activate them in Splynx (change Status to Active). These vouchers are ready to use for as soon as it has been generated.

Series view

Once a voucher is in use, it is possible to view the statistics, cost of usage and detailed information of the voucher:

Edit card

The configuration of Hotspots which make use of prepaid vouchers can be found in the Radius hotspot configuration page.

The following video is a quick tutorial on the configuration of prepaid vouchers in Splynx: