Braintree payments

Braintree is a Splynx add-on which allows recharging of customer credit cards via the Braintree payment gateway -

The Add-on can work with different credit cards, if cards are saved on customer profiles, the addon allows charging all customers using Direct debit orders.

The add-on can be installed in two methods, via the CLI or Web UI of your Splynx server.

To install the splynx-braintree-rb add-onv via CLI, the following commands can be used:

apt-get update
apt-get install splynx-braintree-rb

To install it via the Web UI:

Navigate to Config → Integrations → Add-ons:

Integrations addons

Locate or search for the "splynx-braintree-rb" add-on and click on the install icon in the Actions column, a window will appear for you to confirm or the installation:

Install addon

After installation process has completed, you have to configure the addon:

Navigate to Config → Integrations → Modules list:

Modules list

Locate or search for the "splynx-braintree-rb" add-on and click on the edit icon in the Actions column

Edit Braintree

Add settings


  • Public key: user-specific public identifier;

  • Private key: user-specific secure identifier that should not be shared – even with us!

  • Merchant ID: a unique identifier for your gateway account, which is different than your merchant account ID.

Login to your Account in and:

  • Select the menu Account / My User;

  • API Keys, Tokenization Keys, Encryption Keys;

  • Click “View Authorizations”. and copy this into the provided fields of the module configuration in Splynx.

API key

Thereafter, customers can pay their invoices and refill balances using the Braintree system. Customers will see a new button "To pay" as on the screenshot:

Pay by Braintree

Customers can save their pay-card details for the next payments:

Save card

To refill balances, customers can use the link - http://yoursplynxurl/braintree-rb, they also can choose to remember/save the pay-card:

Save card 2

Lastly, you can charge all customers using one button! Navigate to Finance → Invoices, set the period and click on the "Charge" button as below:

Charge 1

Charge 2