Splynx AI

The Splynx AI add-on, based on artificial intelligence, is intended to evaluate the quality of feedback on support tickets. Previously, the option to grade tickets was manual. This feature has been automated by teaching neural networks to evaluate the support work considering various parameters in closed tickets.

Together with the Ticket feedback add-on, this will give you a powerful tool to analyze and improve the quality of your customer support service on a single report.


Navigate to Config → Integrations → Add-ons and search for the splynx-ai package. Then click the Install button:


Confirm the installation by clicking the Ok, confirm button.


Ticket grades

After installation, the Splynx AI add-on will start evaluating tickets each time a ticket is closed with a Resolved status.

The graded tickets can be found in Administration → Reports → Ticket reports under Content, Timing and Feedback columns:

1 - satisfied;

0 - not satisfied.


Under the Grade column, there is the total grade for each ticket. The average grade can be found below the Ticket reports table.

How Splynx AI evaluates tickets

In order for a ticket to be evaluated - it should be in the Resolved status and be closed by an administrator.

The following parameters are considered when evaluating the ticket by the Splynx AI neural networks:

  1. Content

    • admin's messages in text format.
  2. Timing

    • ticket type;
    • ticket priority;
    • the number of customer's messages in the ticket;
    • the number of admin's messages in the ticket;
    • the number of attached files in the ticket;
    • how much time has passed since the admin's first response;
    • the admin's longest response time to the customer;
    • the admin's average response time to the customer;
    • the duration (lifecycle) of the ticket from being opened until resolved.
  3. Feedback

    • the last message from the admin in the ticket;
    • the last message from the customer in the ticket.