Huawei GPON

In Splynx, we have the ability to manage a Huawei GPON from within Splynx.

To use the Splynx Huawei GPON management system, it is necessary to install the module as you would install an addon in Splynx:

From the CLI of your server, you can run the following commands:

apt update
apt install splynx-huawei-olt

Alternatively, you can install it from Splynx:

Navigate to Config → Integrations → Add-ons:


Locate the "splynx-huawei-olt" addon and click on the install button:


Click on OK, confirm to begin the installation process:


To add an OLT, navigate to Networking → Huawei GPON, the IP, ssh port, and login/password are required to add the device. Also, it is of great importance to set the UPLINK BOARD and the UPLINK INTERFACE correctly.

Huawei GPON

Huawei GPON

After the OLT is added, we will be presented with a menu containing four different pages.

  • Information
  • Actions
  • VLAN
  • Boards

Informartion - You can edit the OLT details here.


Actions - Allows you to apply the config to the OLT, Set Vlans, Set Uplinks, Sync Tariffs or Sync Profiles. It is also possible to run commands.

VLAN - You can manage vlans and edit their names and vlan numbers here.

Boards - Here it is possible to run an auto find of boards, and enable auto find on the ports from splynx.

Once this configuration is completed, we can assign the ONT to the customer from the customer's information page.

First select the OLT where the customer is connected.

Then click on the auto-find button to discover the different ONT's from the OLT, this will display the available customer units with detailed information, so that we can select the correct one.

Then ONT will be added and we can check the status or delete it.

Please view the video below for a step-by-step tutorial of the guide above: