Site customization

You can configure the default view of the administrative and customer portal of your Splynx here. In particular, can be changed/applied the Header, Footer, Custom CSS and Custom JavaScript.


The default code for Header:

{% if context.companyInfo.file_logo %}<a class='navbar-brand' href='/admin/'><img src='{{ context.companyInfo.getLogoUrl }}' alt='Logo' class='img-responsive' style='max-width: 100%;max-height: 100%;'> </a>{% else%}<a class='navbar-brand' href='/admin/'>Splynx</a>{% endif %}

The default code for Footer:

Powered by <a href='' target='_blank'>Splynx</a>

After you make any changes in the code block, press Save & Previw in new tab button to double check if Splynx works correctly. The Splynx Dashboard page will be opened in 2 sec as a new tab where you can check the result. If the page is corrupted, you still have an active tab with the Revert all changes button to undo the latest changes.

Do not close this page until you can verify that everything is working correctly.