Modules list


In this section you can configure add-ons that were previously installed.

For example, we have installed the Authorize.NET add-on.

To configure these add-ons navigate to Config → Integrations → Modules list:


In this window, you can edit the add-on module configuration, remove the module item or configure the add-on the entry points (only if the add-on has the entry points).

Let's edit the AuthorizeNet add-on config:

If you are going to use the entry points on the customer portal, make sure that Entry points status for portal option is enabled


NOTE: Please, do not change the API settings if you are not sure of what it is and how it works. After making any changes, don't forget to click Save button.

Now, let's check the add-on entry points for the customer portal. Go one step back, on Config → Integrations → Modules list page, find AuthorizeNet module item and click on Edit entry points icon:

entry points

NOTE: It's recommended not to change any settings in this window, except for the ones that relate to enabling/disabling entry points.

When the portal entry points are enabled, let's check how they look like:



The customers can now pay for (proforma) invoices directly from their portal.

To pin the action item on the Shortcuts panel (available in Splynx v4.0) to quick access a specific installed add-on, add the new entry point for the chosen add-on and, during the entry point configuration, use Dashboards shortcuts value for the Root field.

For example, let's create the new entry for Xero add-on: