Mikrotik Live bandwidth usage graph

Implemented in the release of Splynx version 3.0, now there is a feature called "Live bandwidth usage", which can be used in conjunction with Mikrotik devices.


  1. Radius authorization required;
  2. API should be configured and enabled for the router;
  3. NAS Type supported: Mikrotik only;
  4. Mikrotik RouterOS should be updated to a version later than 6.43;
  5. PPP connection. DHCP leases are not acceptable.


Navigate to Networking → Routers → List, click on the edit button of the desired router to configure and select the "Mikrotik" tab.

Mikrotik tab Mikrotik tab

API should be configured and enabled, API status should be "OK" and clicking on the “Test API connection” button, should return Successfully.

Click on the "Live Bandwidth usage" button to view per-interface graphs of the router:

Router live graph

If the graph is available on the router, a customer who is connected to this router will also have this graph under their Statistic tab:

Online customers

Navigate to customer's "Statistics" tab:

Customer graph

If there’s no usage on the line, the graph will not populate any data.

NOTE! If the graph is available on the router but not for a customer. You can run the following command on your server, via SSH:

sudo service splynx_node restart

If after the restart of this module, the graph for the customer is still not available, please create a ticket to us so we can investigate the issue.

Another reason for this could be that the authentication is set to API and only Radius authentication will provide these graphs.